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Exceptional Student Education

Batt Educational Services offers a variety of special education services.

Exceptional Student Education and Specific Learning Disabilities:

Members of our faculty are certified ESE Teachers. They provide instruction for SLD and other special-needs students in both remedial and enrichment areas. Tutoring is also available for students who require homebound instruction or who are home-schooled.

Batt Schools acknowledges that students experience extreme variability in their development. Our educational planning and expectations reflect an in-depth understanding of asynchronous development. Techniques we use:

- Intellectual challenge commensurate with students instructional level
- Reduced emphasis on written production until developmentally ready
- Extensive use of technology to compensate for motor delays
- Social skills focus in classrooms and advising
- Scaffolding used to start where students are and bridge to the next levels

Speech & Language Therapy:

We offer a complete array of speech, language, and communication services for children, adolescents, and adults. Private therapy is administered by licensed speech and language pathologists:

- Language: aphasia, auditory processing, childhood language disorders
- Speech: articulation,stuttering, dysarthria, accent/dialect reduction
- Cognitive Therapy
- Communication Skills
- Voice: voice quality, laryngectomy