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Special Programs

Fast ForWord®

The Fast ForWord program is an online reading program designed for K-12 students struggling with reading and auditory processing difficulties. The program develops and strengthens memory, attention, processing rate, and sequencing – the skills essential for reading intervention program success. The strengthening of these skills results in a wide range of improved critical language and reading skills such as phonological awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding, working memory, syntax, grammar, and other skills necessary to learn how to become a better reader.


Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based solution for attention problems caused by poor working memory. The program combines neuroscience with innovative computer game design and close professional support. It challenges working memory capacity using exercises to target the areas associated with executive function and attention. The difficulty level is adjusted in real time based on user performance to ensure the user is working at the height of their ability. The improvement in working memory capacity generalizes to overall behavior, resulting in enhanced attentiveness, resistance to distraction, self-management, and learning.

Lindamood-Bell: Learning Processes

The Lindamood-Bell programs help students improve language processing – the foundation of all communication and learning. The intensive, process-based instruction strengthens the sensory-cognitive functions needed for reading and comprehension, and has proven successful with indivuals with learning challenges, including dyslexia, ADHD, CAPD, and ASD.

Programs include:
• Seeing Stars®: Symbol Imagery for Phonmeic Awareness, Sight Words, and Spelling (SI™)
• Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking® (V/V®)
• Talikes®: Visualizing and Verbalizing for Oral Language Comprehension and Expression (Talkies®)
• Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® Program for Reading, Spelling, and Speech (LiPS®)
• On Cloud Nine® Math (OCN™)